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BBC Iplayer abroad quick set up

How to watch the BBC Iplayer abroad

Written by a fellow expat

Watching the BBC Iplayer from outside of the UK, is in fact quite easy. I have been running this service for over 5 years and now and again we have had the odd struggle, but it is usually only a result of the browser not being up to date.

When I started this it was really only for me to see if I could do it, then I offered to friends and then when the company I worked for cut my salary in half (The perils of working abroad) I decided to see if anyone else would be interested in using my proxy.

Fortunately other fellow expats from around the world did also, which is not surprising really as at the end of the day it gives us that connection to home and the UK does provide some superb programming.

What I did not expect was that many of these expats have become friends over the years and their generosity in supporting the costs of the server, otherwise it would be impossible to run. (I think many would be surprised at the cost and the time it takes for me to manage the site)

So the easiest and quickest way to set up a proxy to watch the BBC iplayer abroad is to download FireFox and then use the Elite ProxySwitcher plugin NB this plugin seems not to work as well as it used to if you struggle there are others but more recently I am a big fan of as a browser, you can find more details here, which is my latest guide. Once installed the and the settings are entered you only need to right click in the bottom right hand corner, as in the image below to switch on and off. NB you do not need the proxy on to watch recorded programmes.

Also to see the settings it is a left click on the word direct connection.

Apart from this you only need to complete this form with your details and I will try to get you up and running ASAP

Proxy Switcher configuration

Proxy Switcher configuration












Here is a video showing the same