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UK Proxy server for the Iplayer

Setting up a  UK Proxy server for the Iplayer

How to watch the BBC Iplayer from abroad using a uk proxy server

Using a UK proxy server to watch the BBC Iplayer abroad

This UK Proxy server was initially just for the benefit of me and a few friends in Spain, but as it is fairly expensive to run I decided to make the Proxy available to other UK citizens like myself find themselves abroad missing UK TV.

The fastest way I found to set up the proxy on a PC or a Mac is to download FireFox and then use the ProxySwitcher plugin. Once installed left click where it says direct connection and then enter the ip details. After which you only need to right click to switch on and off. NB you do not need the proxy on to watch recorded programmes.

Proxy Switcher configuration

Proxy Switcher configuration

Apart from this just email me to get the usename and password

If you want more detailed instruction then here are the details on setting up the UK Proxy for Internet Explorer/Google Chrome, for FireFox but without the switcher plugin and on the Apple MAC

I have also decided to offer the proxy for free for the first month, as I have tried other free proxy’s and found that they do not work for UK TV or the BBC Iplayer. So I did not want to commit to paying for something without testing first, and I assumed neither would you.

So after a month if you feel you are getting some use from the proxy, then I would appreciate some help in its maintenance. This will help me keep the integrity of the server and ensures a quality stream from the various Iplayers. Think of it as buying me a beer once a month to say thanks. If you would like to help the details are here.

Also the video below shows you how I configured my PC to watch “Match of the Day” live on the BBC Iplayer, which should help give you an idea how simple it is to set up:

In the mean time please enjoy watching the BBC I Player wherever you may be, because I certainly do.

Below is the video on the Proxy set up using FireFox to watch the BBC Iplayer


below is an older video which is the set up for Internet Explorer and Chrome

If you are here just to know how to set up your proxy then just follow this link on how to set up a UK Proxy for Internet Explorer, as with this you can get the live streaming with the Iplayer