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How to set up the Android with a proxy

I have to admit I get this question asked quite often on how to get the proxy to work on the Android to watch the BBC iplayer. The only problem is that not having an Android tablet or phone it has been difficult for me to test.

Saying that I have had a few fellow expats that have had it working and I think the mixed results are more down to what version of Android you have or maybe the Tablet its self. 

One of the first ways I heard that enabled this functionality was by using the Opera browser, but that was some time ago so below I have combined the alternative sets that have been sent to me with the most recent at the top

1) In Firefox you go to Tools and Add Ons

Select the Network Preference Add-on option and download and install it.

Then just set the settings per the attached screen shot.

FF Android Proxy

When you access iplayer it will tell you that the mobile version won’t work for Android.  All you need to do is click in the top right of the firefox browser where the icon with three boxes is and then select Request Desktop Site


BBC iplayer will then play within Android (I am using a Samsung note 10.1)

NB with this option he struggle with the ITV Player, so bear that in mind!

2) Using Android

Again from a user

Android, Proxy over Wi-Fi.

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • [long press the network connection you are actually connected to]
  • Modify configuration
  • Advanced Settings
  • Proxy Settings

I’ve used it on HTC & Samsung using Wi-Fi.

3) Another Android user

Here are the instructions on how to set it up – you just have to install the Drony application (free) from Android Play and configure it:

I have a cheap Android stick (must be dual processor for iPlayer to work well – all the new ones are) with a wireless mouse set up on the TV specifically for iPlayer and YouTube. This one is particularly good as it has 2 USB ports plus bluetooth, so you can use a Bluetooth mouse and leave the USB ports free e.g. for a Webcam for Skype:




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