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Setting up a Proxy server in FireFox

Below are the details on how to set up the proxy in FireFox, but I did write this a while back and although it is fine I think it is much quicker, easier and simpler to use the FireFox proxy switcher add-on and is certainly found it easier when it comes to switching on and off.

If so then I suggest you follow this link for the iplayer abroad quick set up

But if you want to know the set in detail with out the add-on then those details are below:

How to set up a proxy server in FireFox

To Set up a Proxy Server In Firefox, you need to go to Tools then click options, then advanced then network then settings at which point you should see the image below:

how to set up a uk proxy server in firefox

Image of how to configure your browser to access a UK Proxy to watch the BBC Iplayer

In regards to the ip address in the example it does work but you will need a username and password, which I am happy to let you use just send an email to .


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