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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Which is the best Browser to use?

I think this can be down to a personal preference, but it is always worth having more than one, because there are always updates and changes to the iplayer or browser.

From a personal point of view I use FireFox most of the time, mainly for their proxy switcher, which makes life so much easier, it also doesn’t effect your operating system and will often work if you are struggling with Internet Explorer.

As a backup I use Google Chrome, which uses the Internet Explorer settings and Opera is another good alternative

It is also worth noting if you want to watch the BBC live, the proxy needs to be set in IE

2 Why should I switch of the proxy when the stream starts

By doing this it ensures the stream is not using the proxy and that way you are getting a direct faster connection. Although the server is not busy it is a good habit to get into particularly at peak times such as the F1 or other sporting event.

3 Why does the proxy not except my username and password?

There can be a number of reasons for this but before you contact me, the likelihood is that you are cutting and pasting the username and password and it is better to type them in or you have put in the wrong ip address.

4 Why do I keep getting asked for the username and password?

If it is not as above then it could be that all your connections are going through the proxy, so ensure the “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” is ticked. Also the first time you use the proxy, it will ask for the username and password a few times first time around until it remembers.

NB getting asked for the username and password is a good sign

5 Will it work with the IPad?

Yes, but best to ask for my VPN server for this as it is a cleaner set up

6 I would like to help out with the costs, what way can I contribute?
Well firstly thanks, but I will accept most forms, basically whatever is easier for you including trade offs and chocolates lol

7 I have set up the proxy and it still is not working

There can be a few reasons one of which is if you are using WiFi at a school or public place there is a chance that proxys are disabled<

8 I cannot play a video because I have insufficient bandwidth?

This is more than likely your end, but you can always switch of the proxy to get max speed.
In the case of the BBC. The BBC does have a low bandwidth version too, which is not obvious at it is in the bottom left hand corner of each video page

9 Can I use the BBC desktop downloader?

Yes you can, but you need to set the proxy in Internet Explorer, start the download, as soon as it is downloading switch off the proxy and then this will speed up the download. When the download has finished, switch back on to watch.

10 Can I watch 4oD with the proxy?

Yes but it needs to be with Internet Explorer, although it can change with updates and I found recently I needed to use Chrome to get it to work (This has changed again and will work with FireFox)

11 Will it work with a MAC

Yes but I am unable to give support here as I do not have a MAC but if you follow this link you will find details on setting up on a MAC

12 Get Iplayer Automator

This is from a user

HI Stephen,

If any of your other users are not able to get Get Iplayer Automator working, this perl script fixes the problem (the one that I’m having anyway) with the failure to use the built-in supplied proxy.

perl “/Applications/Get iPlayer” –profile-dir “$HOME/Library/Application Support/Get iPlayer Automator/” –prefs-add –rtmp-tv-opts=”–swfVfy”

Assuming GIA is in the Applications folder, open a terminal window and run the above script.

GIA should then start working.



NB new update from a user, not tested so have added here

One more item for the FAQ; if you’re using get_iplayer ( then the command is:

get_iplayer –proxy=http://<username>:<password>@

— Andy

13. To Stream from PC on windows 7 to TV 

This is also sent to me from a user

Just to let you know all is working for me, I am only interested in downloading from bbc iplayer which I then stream over the network to the TV.

This setup should just use the proxy for the connection then download via my normal route.

For information I use get_iplayer and the http content is optimum for my broadband connection, for information in case you have any user wishing to do the same.

1. Copy the link for your required show from the bbc iplayer site.

2. at a command prompt(I go to the get_iplayer install directory, saves a fuss with setting paths) enter the following

C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer>get_iplayer –partial-proxy –proxy=http://username:password@proxy:port

That will place the file in a folder on the desktop with windows 7, same options should work with linux and mac.

14 Toggle switcher for Windows (Internet Explorer and Chrome)

Another user tip

I thought you might be interested in a nifty piece of software which allows you to toggle the proxy settings within Windows Internet Options/LAN settings. This works in just the same way as the Firefox widget, but it’ll work for any browser as it switches proxy settings for Windows. It has an icon on the right-hand end of the task bar which shows green when using the proxy, and grey when not. The link for the web-site is: and for the download it’s: . Maybe some of your users will find it useful.

15 Using Android

Again from a user

I’ll do a generic guide properly for you if you wish, but basically..

Android, Proxy over Wi-Fi.

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • [long press the network connection you are actually connected to]
  • Modify configuration
  • Advanced Settings
  • Proxy Settings

And away you go…

I’ve used it on HTC & Samsung using Wi-Fi.

16 Another Android user

I worked out how to get your proxy to work without having to root (jailbreak) Android.

Here are the instructions on how to set it up – you just have to install the Drony application (free) from Android Play and configure it:

I have a cheap Android stick (must be dual processor for iPlayer to work well – all the new ones are) with a wireless mouse set up on the TV specifically for iPlayer and YouTube. This one is particularly good as it has 2 USB ports plus bluetooth, so you can use a Bluetooth mouse and leave the USB ports free e.g. for a Webcam for Skype:


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