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As I say I am happy to help fellow expats who want to watch the BBC on their computer using my proxy server for free, well certainly free for the first week so you can try it out to see if it works for you. If you  just email me at or ideally fill in the form, link found above I will then send you the password and username.

I have not set a hard and fast rule on what to charge after that, but looking around the internet £5 per month seems about right for the proxy or the VPN and £8 for both combined.

In addition if you use on an ad-hock basis particularly to watch the F1 season or maybe one or two programmes a month then let me know what you think would be fair. I am more than flexible and have even accepted the odd barter, including chocolate in exchange!

In the meantime enjoy!


I have been accepting bitcoin for some time, but until now recurring payments have not been available till now. Given PayPal take 0.50 cents in fees I thought it would be good to deduct this charge

You will need to have an account at Coinbase and although you may not be able to link your bank account unless you have a US bank account you can always top up with coins as and when you need.

There are plenty of places to buy the coins or part of the coin my favorite places are and


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