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Quick Set up details for the UK Proxy

It should be a simple process of adding the details to your browser and I would recommend using either or

Basically all you will need to do is find the settings in your browser and add the IP address the port numbers and your username and password and you should be good to go.

If you do struggle the common errors are your browser is not up to date and the easiest fix is to try another or you are cutting and pasting the username and password (It is safer to type in, it will eventually remember if it keeps asking) Or just double-check the settings and if the video still doesn’t play try a couple of refreshes or contact me via the support page where there may be some answers anyway.

NB you only need the proxy at the start of the stream so it makes good practice to switch off the proxy once the programme starts which also gives you maximum speed if you want to watch in HD. Also if you wish to use your Ipad you will need my VPN connection, if so just reply to my email.

Below are some images to give you an idea where to find the settings in the browsers:

Where to find settings in Maxthon












Where to edit settings in Maxthon











In Firefox just install the plugin proxy selector














Then add your proxy details here















Then to switch on an off you just need to click where the yellow ring is


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